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Panic stations..... Arrrgggg

Picture the scene. You've been enjoying a lazy Sunday. The kids have been playing in the front room while you put your feet up and catch up with tv you've recorded during the week. Ahhh bliss!

Then the phone rings...... ' Hey, were in the area and thought we'd pop in and say hi. We'll be there in about 15 mins'


We've all been there. We've all felt the panic that starts to build up as you look around and realise that it looks like you have been partying all weekend. The dread that people may actually see how life sometimes is in your busy world!

Here is what I do...

Guests rarely venture out of the living room. They will possibly use your bathroom also, so these two rooms are the focus. If you use your kitchen as your entertaining area then there is a section for you too!

Living Room

  • Get a basket, big box, or something similar

  • Pick up anything that shouldn't be in the room and put in the basket. Clothes, pens, toys, paperwork, that sort of thing.

  • Take any pots into the kitchen

  • Tidy the cushions on the settee

  • Open a window and spray some fragrance mist (or air freshner)

  • Put the basket in your bedroom/dining room/understairs (yep, were hiding it)


  • Flush toilet

  • Quickly wipe sink

  • Pop a fresh towel on rail

  • Use a basket/box to pick up random items

  • Open window

  • Spray something nice around

  • Put the basket in your bedroom/dining room/understairs


  • Stack any pots neatly. You may have time to wash up but if not, stacked pots look much better than ones all over the place

  • Get out your trusty basket/box for anything random

  • Hang up tea towels

  • Put things back in the fridge

  • Wipe the sides

  • Open a window

  • Spray something nice around

Voila! Now it sounds like a lot but actually, all that will take you less than 10 minutes to do. You will be left with a tidy room and a basket to sort out when they have gone. Stress be gone!

Of course there are other options....... leave it as is, I mean your friends and family most likely won't care, they have come to see you not your house. Or you can just ignore the call in the first place, take the phone off the hook even!

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