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Terms & Conditions 

These are the Terms and Conditions of services as agreed between the Client (a person and/or company engaging in our services) and the Company (Housekeeping Hero Limited) registered at 5 Festival Road, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 4RB with Company No: 14044794


These Terms will become binding on you and us when we confirm to you that we have accepted your order for Services, at which point a contract will come into existence between you and us. 


We will discuss your requirements with you, at your face-to-face consultation. Once you have confirmed that you wish to go ahead with the agreed work at the agreed price, we will accept your order by sending you a confirmation of booking by email, at which stage the contract between us is made.



1. General


(a) A minimum duration of 2 hours per cleaning visit applies for all cleaning services.


(b) by booking with Housekeeping Hero you agree to these terms & conditions, which apply from the time of booking and for all future bookings.


(c) Housekeeping Hero reserves the right to make changes to any part of these terms & conditions without giving any prior notice.


(d) any queries about the contents of these terms & conditions may be discussed with Housekeeping hero via at any time, but all terms & Conditions continue to apply unless otherwise stated by Housekeeping Hero


(e) to request a pdf copy of these terms & conditions, please email


2. Cleaning services


(a) Housekeeping Hero provides domestic cleaning at the price agreed with the customer following the initial visit consultation.


(b) any estimates of how long each job will take is an estimation only and may increase or decrease at each clean depending on requirements.


(c) when beginning a regular cleaning service without an initial spring clean or deep clean it may take up to 4 cleans to bring the property up to the standard it will be maintained at. 


If the client would like an instant result from the first clean, please contact Housekeeping Hero to receive a quote for an initial spring clean.


(d) All requests for extra duties, which are not included as standard can be discussed with us. Where possible we will always try to accommodate such requests.


(e) the client is requested to arrange a suitable parking space for one vehicle within proximity of the property. If a parking permit is required, the client must obtain this for our use at each clean prior to the first clean.


(f) the client must make Housekeeping hero aware of any areas of the property or items within the property that they would not like the cleaner to enter or touch prior to the first clean. Housekeeping Hero will not be liable if this is not adhered to by the cleaner where they have not received details of this prior to the first clean.


(g) the client agrees to notify Housekeeping Hero of any other circumstances which may affect the condition of the home prior to the cleaning service, including but not limited to: extra guests, parties, building work, decorating or renovations. 


Where we have not been notified of these circumstances upon providing your initial quote, there may be an extra charge applicable at the discretion of housekeeping hero


(h) housekeeping Hero is not liable for any incomplete work due to a lack of hot water and electricity supplies in working order.


(i) housekeeping hero supplies all cleaning products and equipment. Housekeeping Hero cleaning staff are not permitted to use cleaning products or solutions supplied by the customer unless prior agreement has been made. This enables us to ensure safety data sheets are available.  


If using a client’s products, Housekeeping Hero is not liable for any damage, fault or incomplete cleaning which may be caused by products supplied by the client.


(j) Housekeeping Hero will not be responsible for any packages, deliveries, or other service providers at the property unless otherwise agreed.


(k) any security systems at the property which require special instructions must be explained by the client if the cleaner is required to operate them. This includes but is not limited to: alarm systems, gated entrances, locks, stair gates or similar systems for children and/or pets.


(l) the client indemnifies Housekeeping Hero from any costs involved in alarm company Attendance to re-service or repair any system, any category 4 cables or similar to Cctv systems or wireless security devices should they become unset in any way.


(m) All fragile and highly breakable items must be secured or removed. Items excluded from liability are cash, jewellery, items of sentimental value, art, and antiques. 

(n) The Company is not responsible for cleaning collectable items, antiques, art, items of sentimental value and the surrounding areas.


(o) Customers may be present when cleaning takes place.


(p) Cleans may be carried out any time between 08:45-16:00 on weekdays, excluding Christmas closing dates and bank holidays. Customers may request to be a first clean, which means their clean will start between 08:30-09:00. We have limited first clean slots, so we will accommodate this request where possible.


(q) Where possible we will clean on the day of the week agreed at time of booking/meet. It may be necessary to change this from time to time. Any alterations will be agreed with the customer prior to the clean taking place.


(r) Housekeeping Hero is closed at weekends, evenings after 17:00, bank holidays and over Christmas. All regular customers are contacted each year with Christmas closing dates.


(s) occasionally Housekeeping Hero may wish to use images such as ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures for marketing purposes on the website, Facebook or Instagram. The location of the property, details of any residents, and any identifying features, such as family photographs, school uniforms or certificates will always be absent from the images or blurred where required. 


Please contact Housekeeping Hero if you have any Concerns. We respect your right to privacy.


(t) in the event of the client requesting to temporarily suspend their weekly cleaning service, such as going on holiday, they will be able to keep their slot for 2 weeks without payment. To keep the slot for any further weeks will incur a charge of 50% of the usual cleaning fee per week. 


(u) any suspensions of cleaning must be made in line with our cancellation policy.

3. Safeguarding

For the safety and protection of both our staff and clients, Housekeeping Hero has implemented a policy that restricts our ability to clean premises where there is an unaccompanied child under the age of 18. This means that if our staff arrive at a location to clean and find that there is no adult present, they will be unable to provide cleaning services for that day. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we believe that the safety and well-being of all involved is of the utmost importance. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that there is an adult present during the cleaning appointment.


4. One-off cleans (including spring cleans & after-build cleans)


(a) one-off cleans may take up to three times longer to clean than a well-maintained home requiring a general clean. Housekeeping hero are not liable for any unsatisfactory results if the client decides to book a lesser service than advised by Housekeeping hero. Housekeeping Hero will ensure the best possible results within the time frame given to work in.


(b) Housekeeping Hero cannot guarantee complete removal of dust as it circulates the air. Whilst the cleaners will endeavour to remove all visible dust, housekeeping hero are not liable for any dust which settles after the cleaning service has finished Housekeeping Hero are not liable for removable of dust or debris to areas which are inaccessible, clutter in the way, or fragile items which have not been moved prior to the arrival of the cleaners.



5. Entry into properties / Key holding


(a) the client may opt to be present at the property on the day of the clean. The client must be in during their specific time frame to let the cleaners in and out. If entry cannot be gained, the client will be charged at the full-service rate.


(b) the client may opt to provide Housekeeping Hero with a key. If keys are provided, they must open the lock without any special efforts or Skill. The client agrees to pay the full-service rate if there is a problem with the keys.


In the event of termination of the cleaning agreement, keys will be returned to the client within 48 hours of the final cleaning. 

For client security, keys will not be linked to any information pertaining to the client. Further details about key holding can be obtained by emailing


(c) if the client chooses to leave their door unlocked, place the key under a door mat or other unsecured place for the cleaner to gain entry, the client releases Housekeeping Hero from all liability that arises from damage made before or after the cleaners leave the premises. The client understands that they will be responsible for any damages that are caused before or after their scheduled cleaning.



6. Service limitations


(a) we do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder


(b) we cannot move furniture over 15lbs but will make all reasonable efforts to reach a visible place to clean


(c) if an area in the property is considered or has the potential to be considered a biohazard, that area will not be cleaned (e.g., Emptying/cleaning cat litter boxes, human/animal excrement)


(d) it is to the client’s advantage to have the property tidy as much as possible to allow optimised cleaning.


(e) due to sanitary and hygiene cross-contamination issues we are unable to clean in areas or properties with live infestations, included but not limited to maggots, fleas, roaches, and bedbugs, until mitigated. Housekeeping hero reserve the right to refuse to carry out the cleaning if these conditions are found, and the full price of the clean will be charged.


(f) where there is any black mould, hard water stains or limescale there is no guarantee that the area in question will be able to be restored to its original condition, however Housekeeping Hero will take care to make all reasonable attempts to do so.



7. Non-solicitation


(a) when entering into an agreement for services with Housekeeping Hero you agree that you must not, unless we give prior written permission, directly or indirectly engage, employ or contract with any employee of housekeeping hero to provide domestic or commercial cleaning services to yourself or an associate of yourself for any period during which services are provided by Housekeeping Hero and for a period within 6

months after the termination of any services we provide.


(b) this 6-month period remains in effect even if the cleaner no longer works for Housekeeping Hero


(c) if you are found to have solicited one of our staff members or have acted in contrary to this non-solicitation clause, please be advised that our referral/training fee currently stands at £600 payable to Housekeeping Hero with immediate effect.



8. Feedback, complaints & breakages


(a) Housekeeping Hero gratefully accepts all feedback.


(b) Housekeeping Hero may take up to 5 working days to respond to any feedback if a response is requested or required.


(c) any complaints should be made by emailing Complaints must be reported on completion of the individual service in question or in the following 24 hours. Housekeeping Hero will not be liable for any issues brought to their attention after that 24-hour period.


(d) should any breakages or damage occur by accident or fault of Housekeeping Hero, Housekeeping Hero will contact you within 24 hours of the event.


(e) Housekeeping Hero will not be held accountable for any breakages or damage caused outside of the building itself.


(f) if the cleaner was unaware of any breakages or damage caused, the client must contact Housekeeping Hero within 24 hours of the service with details and images of the item/area in question.


(g) Fragile or valuable items must be put away when a clean is carried out to avoid breakage.


(h) If a breakage occurs, staff must report this to management. Customers must also let us know if they are aware of a breakage within 24 hours of the clean taking place. If it is agreed that our staff caused the damage, we will offer to have the item repaired, or we will rectify the issue through our insurance, by crediting the Customer with the item/s if it is found to be our fault.


(i) Housekeeping Hero is fully insured and it is at the discretion of the insurer to establish causation and liability. The client agrees to comply with Housekeeping Hero and the insurer on all matters should the insurer become involved.


(j) No claims shall be entertained if the Customer has an outstanding balance aged more than 30 days.


(k) The policy will cover any accidental damages caused by a staff member working for Housekeeping Hero, reported within 24 hours of the service date.


 (l) Insurance cover does not include anything that may break down or stop working at any time such as: dishwasher, washing machine, oven, cookers, extractor fans, fridge, freezer, etc, any other items, instability of which the Customer is already aware of, such as bathroom appliances or any fixtures. The Customer is obliged to warn Housekeeping Hero or the cleaner about appliances that are poorly fixed or not in full working order.


(m)  There is £250 excess on any claim of which £75 is to be paid by the Customer and £175 by Housekeeping Hero

(n)  Any attempt to commit insurance fraud or any use of false information to commit any type of fraud will be fully prosecuted to the extent of the law, together by the Company and the Insurance Provider(s). Monetary compensation as well as legal fees may be incurred.



9. Payment


(a) payment dates are to be agreed by Housekeeping Hero and the client following the Initial consultation. For monthly billing, see clause 9(c) below. 


(b) Customers booking a one-off service will need to pay for the cost of the clean prior to the day the clean is scheduled to commence.


(c) Invoices will be electronically sent on the 28th of the month via our accounting software (Freeagent)


(d) all payments are to be made via bank transfer using the details contained in your invoice. 


(e) We recommend using your name and invoice number as the reference when making a bank transfer.


(f) in the case that payments are not made on the agreed date, Housekeeping Hero will not attend any future scheduled cleans until payment is made.

(g) in special circumstances, payment dates may be considered for adjustment at the Discretion of Housekeeping Hero all further instructions around this matter must be adhered to, to prevent further action being taken.


(h) if we do not receive payment after a maximum of 2 payment reminders, Housekeeping Hero reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of £2 per day from the date of the second reminder until the date payment is received and proceed with pre-court proceedings should this become necessary.


(i) Housekeeping Hero reserves the right to adjust client rates at any time. You will be notified 28 calendar days prior to any pricing alterations.



10. Cancellation


(a) For all regular domestic cleaning services, Housekeeping Hero requires notice of 7 days to terminate their agreement with the Client. Housekeeping Hero will also be required to give at least 7 days notice to the client for termination of an ongoing service. 


The Cancellation policy cannot be applied for the cleaning appointments scheduled in the notice period. In the event of termination of the agreement without notice of 7 days, the client will be charged a Termination charge based on the cleaning appointments booked in the monthly period.


(b) The Client may cancel any scheduled cleaning appointment up to 24hrs prior with no cancellation charges. After this time, the client may be charged. This is decided on a case-by-case basis. 


(c) The Clients agrees to pay the full clean price as a cancellation fee in the event of a lock- out caused by the cleaner being turned away; if no one is available to provide access to the property; no water or power available at Client’s premises; problems with client’s keys. If keys are provided, they must open the lock without any special efforts or skills.


(d) The Company reserves the right to refuse any cleaning appointment if the condition of the property is hazardous to the cleaner/Company operative.


(e) Housekeeping Hero reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule a service in the event of a force majeure or unforeseen circumstances outside of the control of the cleaner or the Company.


(f) the client agrees to notifying Housekeeping Hero of any cancellations at the earliest possible time.


(g) the full cleaning fee will be due if a cancellation is made after 9am on the day of the arranged cleaning date.


(h) in the event of the client requesting to temporarily suspend their weekly cleaning service, such as going on holiday, they will be able to keep their slot for 2 weeks without payment. To keep the slot for any further weeks will incur a charge of 50% of the usual cleaning fee per week.



11. Ownership rights


(a) All rights, including copyright, of Housekeeping Hero marketing material, documentation and website are owned by, or licensed to Housekeeping Hero. Any use of the marketing materials, documentation, or website content, including copying or storing it/them in whole or part, other than for your own personal, non-commercial purposes is prohibited.


(b) You may not modify, distribute, or repost anything in our marketing material, documentation, or website for any purpose.

(c) We have taken care in the preparation of the content of our marketing materials, documentation, and website to ensure that any prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing and that all services have been fairly described. We will not be held liable for any errors in the content outlined above.


(d) All services are subject to acceptance and availability. If the service you have booked is not available, we will contact you by email or phone, if details have been provided. You will have the option either to wait until the service is available or to cancel your booking at no charge.





(a)  Each party agrees to treat the following information as confidential and not to divulge, use or exploit the same except as expressly permitted under this Agreement: (a) the existence and Terms of this Agreement and (b) all information received from the other party under or in connection with this agreement. 


(b) The foregoing restrictions shall not apply to the extent the information: (a) ceases to be confidential and enters into the public domain other than due to a breach of this Agreement by the receiving party; (b) is acquired by the receiving party from a third party free of any obligation of confidence, or (c) is required by law to be disclosed.


(c) The service providers/ cleaners will not read any legal papers which they may find in the premises. In any event the service providers/ cleaners will maintain absolute confidentiality over all matters that might be learned by virtue of any papers accidentally read, any discussions overheard, or any other activity undertaken as part of their presence in the premises.




(a)  These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant United Kingdom law, and by agreeing to be bound by them the Customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts of the United Kingdom. Housekeeping Hero reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without giving any prior notice.

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